CD Extra "Marugoto Purinai"

CD No: Nippon Columbia TDDL-91595
Release date: ?? ?? 1999
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 21:40 (2 tracks)

A special CD single given to those who bought all LD/VHS. The first track is a talk by two seiyuu about the show. It is very funny and informative at some places (Mochizuki Tomomi, the director also makes some comments). The other track is Izumi's solo version of the OP song.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Nagasawa Miki & Kingetsu Mami kyotou taidan 16:16
[Nagasawa Miki & Kingetsu Mami: A Summit Talk]
2. Princess Nine (Kingetsu Mami-Only version) (Kingetsu Mami) 5:23
LYC: Shouyou MSC: Amano Masamichi ARG: Amano Masamichi

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