CD Drama "The Exciting Battle! The Naked Nine"

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCX-30011
Release date: 21 Oct 1998
Price: Y2800
Total length: 65:10 (12 tracks)

The story is set after the TV series. The girls, who have been busy all the summer with baseball, are in panic at the end of the summer holiday because they haven't done much homework. So they visit and ask Izumi to let them copy hers. But she refuses because of her secret... Extremely funny but, should this drama get ever visualised, NHK would not broadcast and the video would be sold at the "18 to purchase" section ^_^;; If you are a fan of cool Takasugi, you should not get this CD; he sounds like (and behaves like) Hanagata (SM-J) ^_^;;

NHT rating: 5 donburi

1. Prologue 0:32
2. jiri jiri to teritsukeru manatsu no taiyou no shita, Princess Nine shuugousu 1:36
[Princess Nine Gather under the Blazing Sun of Mid Summer]
3. Princess Nine saidai no jakuten? 11:50
[The Biggest Weak Point of Princess Nine?]
4. kyuukyoku no Game, sono houhou 9:27
[The Ultimate Game, Its Rule]
5. shijou saishou Game no yukue 8:56
[The Outcome of the Most Laughable Game in the History]
6. Eucara-sei yori ai o komete 5:04
[From the Planet Eucara with Love]
7. himetaru aijou Game 3:21
[A Game of Hidden Love]
8. o-takara o sagase! 5:37
[Search for the Treasure]
9. ai wa chikyuu yori omoshi 3:53
[Love is Heavier than Earth]
10. Message Impossible 3:53
11. W-H-hou taiketsu 4:54
[Battle of the Double H Cannon]
12. shinken shoubu 6:01
[A Game for Real]

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