Image Soundtrack

CD No: Sony SRCL 2823
Release date: 21 Jan 1994
Price: Y2718
Total length: 60:07 (13 tracks)

This is the soundtrack CD for the OVA. It consists of a few BGM tracks, the ED song and three drama tracks. Music, by Terashima Tamiya (Key The Metal Idol), is beautiful with full orchestration. The drama is based on the first epsiode of the manga version; Teeta tries to catch a Cloud Whale to prove to herself that she is a wothy captain of Chacha-maru.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Alert! (in Dr Nallrof's Labo) 1:30
2. Log 1: kyuuryuobi wa arashi no hi 6:38
[Log 1: Pay Day Is A Stromy Day]
3. yokisenu asa -deai- 3:04
[Unexpected Morning -Encounter-]
4. kai ka no ame 2:53
[Rain Under The Sea]
5. Confession -naki-chichi no omoide- 3:30
[Confession -Memory of Diseased Father]
6. Log 2: shinmai senchou no kunou 12:17
[Log 2: Agony Of A Novice Captain]
7. fuuin - dasshutsu 3:14
[Seal - Escape]
8. yasashiki kuruu-tachi 4:12
[Gentle Crew]
9. kessen -unkai e- 5:33
[Decisive Battle -To The Sea Of Cloud-]
10. Log 3: Last Battle wa genshuku ni 5:22
[Log 3: Be Austere For The Last Battle]
11. Plastic Little 3:43
12. You're Everything (Touge Keiko) 5:04
13. tokuhou!! 3:00
[Special News!!]

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