Tenshi no Picnic [Picnic of Angels]

CD No: Lantis LACM-4028
Release date: 29 Sep 2001
Price: Y1143
Total length: 30:35 (15 tracks)

This maxi single, released just before the start of the TV series, has an image song followed by monologues by the twelve girls (or animals). The song is an English folksong (known as "Picnic" in Japan: I couldn't find out the original title) with new lyrics. The monologues are pretty much sugary, as expected, and you'll probably like them if you like the show.
BTW, there are no track titles on this CD, including the main song. Those given here are just what I made up.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Prologue 2:41
2. tenshi no Picnic (P.E.T.S) 3:31
[Picnic of Angels]
LYC: Mutsuki Juuzou MSC: English folksong ARG: Sudou Ken'ichi
3. Ran 2:19
4. Yuki 1;41
5. Kurumi 1:30
6. Tsubasa 1:56
7. Nana 1:28
8. Ayumi 1:57
9. Mika 2:05
10. Ruru 1:31
11. Tamami 1:39
12. Midori 1:32
13. Momo 1:31
14. Akane 1:45
15. tenshi ni Picnic (karaoke) 3:29
[Picnic of Angels]
MSC: English floksong ARG: Sudou Ken'ichi

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