Tenshi no Yume - Kanaete Kudasai

CD No: Lantis LACM-4035
Release date: 29 Nov 2001
Price: Y1143
Total length: 21:43 (4 tracks)

The second of the series features the three junior high girls. The image song is very old-fashioned (late 70's) and, given the cover illustration, I'm pretty sure they had "Candies" (the name of whose main vocal happens to be Ran) in their mind when they made the song.
In the drama part, the three girls swap their usual duty; Ran cleans house and Tsubasa washes clothes while Kurumi cooks supper. Of course, two of them make a mess but Ran finds a very old box in a closet, which turns out to be a wonderful thing.

NHT rating: Rating

1. tenshi no yume - kanaete kudasai (Tanaka Rie, Nogawa Sakura & Nigo Mayako) 3:53
[Dream of Angels - Please Make It Come True]
LYC: Mutsuki Juuzou & Miyajima Ritsuko MSC: Miyajima Ritsuko ARG: Sudou Ken'ichi
2. mainichi ga kinenbi (zenpen) 6:25
[Everyday is an Aniversary (First Half)]
3. mainichi ga kinenbi (kouhen) 7:33
[Everyday is an Aniversary (Second Half)]
4. tenshi no yume - kanaete kudasai (karaoke) 3:52
[Dream of Angels - Please Make It Come True]
MSC: Miyazima Ritsuko ARG: Sudou Ken'ichi

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