Hana-Fubuki · Koi-Fubuki

CD No: Three Fat Samurai YFCM-2706
Release date: 22 Feb 2006
Price: Y1048
Total length: 20:29 (4 tracks)

Unlike many enka parodies in the anime world, the ED song is a proper enka (or 'doenka' ^_^;;) by Kashima Hiromi (formerly known as Watanabe Hiromi).
The translation of the title is probably incorrect. 'hana-fubuki' means "a shower of cherry blossom petals drifting on the wind" and doesn't carry the "violent" feel which the word "storm" may do. But I couldn't find a good way to translate it with a few words. 'koi-fubuki' is a made-up word, BTW.
Just like the maxi CD of the OP song, the coupled song is also related to a flower.
JFYI, there seems to be a related item with a code number "YFSX-2707" but I don't know what it is or even if it really exists.

NHT rating: Rating

1. hana-fubuki · koi-fubuki (Kashima Hiromi) 4:42
[Flower Storm · Love Storm]
LYC: Shimochi Akiko MSC: Mori Soutarou ARG: Nonaka Yuuichi
2. koi no hamayuu (Kashima Hiromi) 5:33
[Crinum of Love]
LYC: Kan Makiko MSC: Nonaka Yuuichi ARG: Nonaka Yuuichi
3. hana-fubuki · koi-fubuki (karaoke) 4:42
[Flower Storm · Love Storm]
MSC: Mori Soutarou ARG: Nonaka Yuuichi
4. koi no hamayuu (karaoke) 5:32
[Crinum of Love]
MSC: Nonaka Yuuichi ARG: Nonaka Yuuichi

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