Sound & Scenario Track

CD No: Victor Entertainment VIZL-35
Release date: 21 Aug 1998
Price: Y3200
Total length: Disc 1 57:14 (8 tracks)
Disc 2 16:51 (6 tracks)

This is a set of a drama CD and a soundtrack mini CD. The drama CD contains two drama tracks. The first one (Track 3) is set between Eps 6 and 7 of the anime. Gene and Jim come back to their office with Melfina, who finds a photo of the two. They tell her the story about it; how they met in the first place, that is. The second track (Track 7) is set between Eps 9 and 10. Twin sisters of Kutar Space Navy try to find and rob Outlaw Star. But, before they find Gene and the others, temptation of a casino traps them, where Gene has been also trapped ^_^;;
The soundtrack disc is from the awesome BGMs specially made for the last(?) episode. If this was a separate single CD, I would give it five donburi. "Hiru no Tsuki" by Melfina is also included.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

Disc 1
1. Through the Night (Arimachi Masahiko) 1:34
2. tsuuchi ichi 1:42
[Announcement 1]
3. Lonely Gunman Hacking Boy 27:09
4. tsuuchi ni 0:25
[Announcement 2]
5. Tough & Rough (Matsumoto Rika & Shibuya Shigeru) 5:30
6. tsuuchi san 2:41
[Announcement 3]
7. futago no Kutar raishuu 13:21
[Raid of Kutar Twins]
8. saitsen 4:49
[See You Again]
Disc 2
1. Indication 1:50
2. Energy 3:10
3. Compass 1:38
4. Gravitation 3:07
5. Crest 3:43
6. hiru no tsuki (Melfina Mix) (Kawasumi Ayako) 3:21
[Moon at Daytime]

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