Image Vocal Tracks

CD No: TEAM Entertainment KDSD-00082
Release date: 16 Nov 2005
Price: Y2000
Total length: 26:19 (6 tracks)

This is an image album of Watanabe Yoshitomo's manga and contains one instrumental and five vocal tracks.
I don't know anything about the manga but was allured by the name of the three attractive singers ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. Voyage of Dreams 3:27
2. yasashisa Puzzle (Yuria) 4:29
[Puzzle of Tenderness]
LYC: Shimotsuki Haruka MSC: Kageie Jun ARG: Kageie Jun
3. te o hanasazuni (Shimotsuki Haruka) 4:29
[Without Letting Your Hand Go]
LYC: Hiyama Hisashi MSC: Takahashi Hiro ARG: Kageie Jun
4. chiisana yakusoku (Shimotsuki Haruka) 4:37
[A Little Promise]
LYC: Shimotsuki Haruka MSC: Shimotsuki Haruka ARG: Kageie Jun
5. Colors (Yuria) 4:24
LYC: kanoko MSC: Kageie Jun ARG: Kageie Jun
6. Little Flower (Inoue Azumi) 4:37
LYC: kanoko MSC: Iwadare Noriyuki ARG: Iwadare Noriyuki

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