Shokuzai no Rhapsody / Angel Lace

CD No: NAKiD NKCM-1001
Release date: 29 Dec 2004
Price: Y1429
Total length: 20:26 (4 tracks)

The OP song of the game from Pajamas Soft. I think it's Haruko's first CD after the break-up of Under17. The other song is an image song by Chico, also used in the game

NHT rating: Rating

1. shokuzai no Rhapsody (Momoi Halko) 4:24
[Rhapsody of Atonement]
LYC: Minato Kaoru & Ouno Tetsuya MSC: OdiakeS ARG: OdiakeS
2. Angel Lace (Chico) 5:51
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Kurosu Katsuhiko ARG: Kurosu Katsuhiko
3. shokuzai no Rhapsody (karaoke) 4:23
[Rhapsody of Atonement]
MSC: OdiakeS ARG: OdiakeS
4. Angel Lace (karaoke) 5:47
MSC: Kurosu Katsuhiko ARG: Kurosu Katsuhiko

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by nonchan