Lovely Times

CD No: KID KID-003
Release date: 13 Mar 1998
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 6:17 (4 tracks)

This is a promo CD for the Game Boy game "Pocket Love 2" with its image song.
JFYI, many web pages give the release date as "13 Mar 1998" but I'm not sure about it. The CD itself doesn't say anything about it and, given this is a promo CD of a game that was released on 20 Feb 1998, a release date *after* that seems very odd to me.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Lovely Times (Iwao Junko, Hikami Kyouko & Miyamura Yuuko) 5:13
LYC: Shibata Hiroaki MSC: Iizuka Hiroshi ARG: Iizuka Hiroshi
2. Mini Drama for Radio CM (Version 1) 0:21
3. Mini Drama for Radio CM (Version 2) 0:21
4. Mini Drama for Radio CM (Version 3) 0:19

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by nonchan