Believe Yourself Again

CD No: Warner-Pioneer 10SL-31
Release date: 25 Jul 1988
Price: Y910
Total length: 9:42 (2 tracks)

Two image songs by Kasahara Hiroko. BTW, Track 2 is the oldest song that I know by Karedou Natsuko. Four years before the release of the Tenchi series, she had already made a sweet song ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. Believe Yourself Again (Kasahara Hiroko) 4:19
LYC: Matsumiya Kyouko MSC: Matsumiya Kyouko ARG: Fujiwara Ikurou
2. "Hard Boiled tte naani?" (Kasahara Hiroko) 5:22
["What is Hard Boiled?"]
LYC: Karedou Natsuko MSC: Fujiwara Ikurou ARG: Fujiwara Ikurou

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by nonchan