Kaho no Uta / Arigatou

CD No: Pioneer LDC LPR-205
Release date: 26 Jul 1996
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 8:05 (2 tracks)

This seems to be a special CD came with the first press of "NOëL: NOT DiGITAL" and two image songs by the golden pair of Sakurai Tomo and Iwao Junko.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Kaho no uta ~Girls, Be Cinderella~ (Sakurai Tomo) 3:55
[Kaho's Song ~Girls, Be Cinderella~]
LYC: Hirade Yoshikatsu MSC: Tezuka Osamu ARG: Tezuka Osamu
2. arigatou (Iwao Junko) 4:09
[Thank You]
LYC: Yuzuki Miyu MSC: Tezuka Osamu ARG: Tezuka Osamu

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by nonchan