NANA's Song is My Song

CD No: Momo+Grapes ABCA-5027
Release date: 6 Nov 2003
Price: Y2381
Total length: 54:42 (13 tracks)

This is a collection of image songs by various artists. Unlike the most of manga image albums, they had an open competition and these 13 songs were selected from the entries (well, it was "open" to anybody as long as the vocalist is a woman). Thus the CD offers an interestingly wide range of songs.
Of course, I bought the CD for Track 2. ^_^

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1. Marble (Battle Bomb Rounge) 3:12
LYC: Miyashita Masayo MSC: Miyashita Masayo ARG: Battle Bomb Rounge
2. kimi no namae (Savage Genius) 4:40
[Your Name]
LYC: Aa MSC: Takumi ARG: Takumi
3. rakuen no tobira (Burukapu) 3:47
[Door of Paradise]
LYC: Unten Chiemi MSC: Unten Chiemi ARG: Burukapu & Hirose Mitsutoshi
4. shin'ai (Chihiroizu) 5:20
LYC: Maita Chihiro MSC: Maita Chihiro ARG: Ooyama Isao
5. Lotus Blues (Olive) 3:04
LYC: Olive MSC: Olive ARG: Hirose Mitsutoshi
6. Thanks (Barna Sister) 4:42
LYC: Kaneda Noriko MSC: Nobuyama Masae ARG: Hirose Mitsutoshi
7. toi (Blue Frog) 3:57
LYC: Imai Akira MSC: Imai Akira ARG: Blue Frog
8. Not Be Mine (Green Bear) 4:15
LYC: Juli MSC: Ayumu ARG: Masubuchi Akira & Green Bear
9. kanaderu kami (RK Rosebud) 5:06
[God Playing]
LYC: Aki MSC: Akira ARG: RK Rosebud
10. No Title (Yamaoka Chiharu) 4:36
LYC: Yamaoka Chiharu MSC: Tanaka Naoto ARG: Gondou Rei
11. mayonaka no asahi (Kakimoto Nanae) 5:22
[Morning Sun at Midnight]
LYC: Kakimoto Nanae MSC: Kakimoto Nanae ARG: Hirose Mitsutoshi
12. My Way (Realize Power Wave) 3:06
LYC: Masae MSC: Satoshi ARG: RPW
13. atashi no hana (Ann) 3:29
[My Flower]
LYC: Ayuri MSC: Ayuri ARG: Yamamoto Hidetake

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