CD No: Eco Project ECOP-0001
Release date: 13 Aug 1999
Price: Y1000
Total length: 12:17 (4 tracks)

Ecoco-chan, a small girl in a penguin costume, was an image character of Eco-Ice by Tohoku Electric Power. Eco-Ice is a kind of an energy-saving air-conditioning system using ice as heat capacitor (BTW, the company now offers Eco-Cute, an energy-saving electronic boiler, too ^_^;;).
This CD was apparently sold at Comike 56 and, although this it is entitled as "Eco-chan Image Song," the contents are four instrumental music tracks for Eco-chan and a few illustrations of her by several doujin artists.
I onlu vaguely remember the penguin girl. The reason I bought this CD years after its release is some of the staff. OdiakeS and Manack are now involved in various anime/game music including those of Key Sounds Label and Haga Yui, who did the cover illustration, is the illustrator of the original novel of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Cool Paradise 4:05
MSC: Manack ARG: Manack
2. Frozen Magic 3:12
MSC: OdiakeS ARG: OdiakeS
3. Eco Partiality 2:40
MSC: Mimata Ichirou ARG: Mimata Ichirou
This title must be a pun. "partiality" can be translated as 'EKOhiiki'.
4. Dreaming... 2:20
MSC: OdiakeS ARG: OdiakeS

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