Fuwafuwa Ronde

CD No: Broccoli BRDA-1059
Release date: 29 Jul 2005
Price: Y700
Total length: 9:47 (3 tracks)

This is one of those CDs that I can't remember why I bought. ^_^;;
Anyway it's an image song of Melone Marche, released before the game. Well, it's more like a poem recited to the music rather than a song and reminds me of the OP song of Tsukuyomi. If you like Ryouko's voice and overcute style, it's for you.

NHT rating: Rating

1. fuwafuwa Ronde (Shintani Ryouko) 3:59
[Soft and Cozy Ronde]
LYC: Zekuu Tooru MSC: Sakamoto Yuusuke ARG: Sakamoto Yuusuke
2. fuwafuwa Ronde (karaoke) 3:58
[Soft and Cozy Ronde]
MSC: Sakamoto Yuusuke ARG: Sakamoto Yuusuke
3. Voice Message 1:49

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by nonchan