Aqua Voice

CD No: Fizz SKM-001
Release date: 26 Oct 2007
Price: Y1500
Total length: 15:18 (5 tracks)

This is the theme song of the H game by Sakakibara Yui. Its karaoke track as well as three BGM pieces are also included.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Aqua Voice (Sakakibara Yui) 3:59
LYC: Sakakibara Yui MSC: Fujita Junpei ARG: Fujita Junpei
2. Aqua Voice (karaoke) 4:01
MSC: Fujita Junpei ARG: Fujita Junpei
3. tsukiakari no hamabe 3:45
[The Moon-Lit Beach]
MSC: Manack ARG: Manack
4. Aquarium 2:03
MSC: Manack ARG: Manack
5. mattari kibun 1:29
[Relaxed Mood]
MSC: Manack ARG: Manack

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by nonchan