Original Soundtrack

CD No: Animage TKCA-30331
Release date: 25 Jul 1991
Price: Y3000
Total length: 44:10 (24 tracks)

Mostly a series of short sequence of (or based on) Japanese popular music during 60s. This CD is, therefore, not for everyone to enjoy in full. However, these beautiful pieces by Muzsikas and Zamfir are excellent and highly recommended.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Main Theme 1:46
2. yashi no mi 1:20
3. maimu maimu 2:50
4. hoshi no furamenko 2:51
[Flamenco of Stars]
5. ohanahan 1:25
'Ohanahan' is the name of a TV drama and its heroine.
6. hyokkori-hyoutan-jima (Maekawa Youko) 1:04
[The Gourd Island of Wonder]
The theme song of a famous puppet show. The three following songs (tracks 7-9) are also from it.
7. kokekoko no uta (Fujimura Arihiro) 0:59
[Song of Cock-a-doodle-doo]
8. Poor Boy (Kumakura Kazuo) 1:39
9. hyokkori-hyoutan-jima: Ending Theme (Uno Seiichirou) 1:10
10. omoide no nagisa (The Wild Ones) 0:42
[My Dear Old Beach]
11. Tokyo Blues (Nishida Sachiko) 0:30
12. damatte ore ni tsuite koi (Hana Hajime & Crazy Cats) 0:17
[Follow Me without a Word]
13. sayonara wa dansu no ato ni (Baishou Chieko) 1:24
[Leave "Good-by" after the Dance]
14. sukini natta hito (Miyako Harumi) 0:37
[The Men I Fell in Love with]
15. omoide poroporo 1:02
16. Teremtes (Marta Sebestyen: Muzsikas) 4:03
17. Fuvom Azenekem (Marta Sebestyen: Muzsikas) 2:11
18. Hajnali Nota (Marta Sebestyen: Muzsikas) 2:30
19. Frunzulita Lemn Adus 1:32
20. Cintec De Nunta 2:49
21. Stornelli 3:11
22. ame no benibana tsumi 1:35
[Safflower Picking in the Rain]
23. Theme Variation: Abe-kun 1:46
24. ai wa hana, kimi wa sono tane (Miyako Harumi) 4:00
[Love Is a Flower You're the Seed]

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