Sound Phase-0V

CD No: Star Child KICA 152
Release date: 23 Jun 1993
Price: Y3000
Total length: 64:44 (18 tracks)

A drama CD with some soundtracks, released just prior to the second series of OVA. Drama tracks are very funny although songs could have been better. The first four drama tracks are about an encounter of the four ladies at a discount sale but from view point of each. No one can tell whose version is the right one (^_^;;) but Nukunuku's are bound to be the least biased. The other three are a parody of famous stories. The title "World Masterpiece Nekomusuke" itself must be the parody of "World Masterpiece Series".

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Let's Go On Rock'n Roll (Shimazu Saeko & Hayashibara Megumi) 3:47
2. yabu no naka no nekonusume 1 "Akiko no nikki" 3:55
[Cat-Girl In The Bush 1 "Akiko's Diary"]
3. yabu no naka no nekomusume 2 "Kyouko's Diary" 3:22
[Cat-Girl In The Bush 2 "Kyouko's Diary"]
4. yume o kanaeru tame ni (Hisakawa Aya & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:29
[To Make Our Dream Come True]
5. yabu no naka no nekomusume 3 "Arisa's Diary" 3:19
[Cat-Girl In The Bush 3 "Arisa's Diary"]
6. yabu no naka no nekomusume 4 "Nukunuku's Diary" 3:36
[Cat-Girl In The Bush 4 "Nukunuku's Diary"]
7. Stop & Look Around 2:04
8. yabu no naka no nekomusume 5 "On A Certain Day Of A Certain Month At A Certain Place" 4:02
9. daremo shiranai mirai o daki shimete (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:29
[Holding The Future That No One Knows]
10. sekai meisaku nekomusume 1 "wakakusa monogatari" 3:50
[World Masterpiece Cat-Girl 1 "Little Women"]
11. Day And Day 2:47
12. sekai meisaku nekomusume 2 "zoku wakakusa monogatari" 4:02
[World Masterpiece Cat-Girl 2 "Good Wives"]
13. wagamamana bara (Shimazu Saeko) 4:12
[A Selfish Rose]
14. sekai meisaku nekomusume 3 "momotarou" 4:03
[World Masterpiece Cat-Girl 3 "Peach Boy"]
15. sekai meisaku nekomusume 4 "saiyuuki" 3:08
[World Masterpiece Cat-Girl 4 "Journey To The West"]
16. Sweet Little Memories 1:40
17. sekai meisaku nekomusume 5 "taketori monogatari" 3:04
[World Masterpiece Cat-Girl 5 "The Story Out Of Bamboo"]
18. Racing With Moon (Hisakawa Aya & Hiramatsu Akiko) 3:47

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