Sound Phase-0III

CD No: Star Child KICA-140
Release date: 5 Feb 1993
Price: Y2500
Total length: 66:23 (10 tracks)

Another image album released before OVA. My favourite is Track 4 where Nukunuku's computer goes wrong and she behaves in a very funny way.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. ganbatte! (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:06
2. (episode 9) Strange Lovers 11:11
Youko (Ryuunosuke's teacher) tries to win Kyuusaku's heart. But it ends as a love story between Kyuusaku and Atsuko.
3. koisuru on'na-tachi no kanon (M-20 + M-24) 3:16
[Canon of Women in Love]
4. (episode 10) denno rekka neko-musume 9:09
[Cat Girl with a Deteriorating Computer]
Nukunuku suffers from malfunction of her computer.
5. oitsu owaretsu (M-15 + M-26) 3:32
[Chasing, Then Being Chased]
6. (episode 11) A Girl and a Girl 10:59
Hidden stories about Arisa and Kyouko.
7. sucharaka aamii (M-8 + M-16) 4:42
[Irresponsible Army]
8. (episode 12) Mishima bakeneko soudou 10:47
[The Case of Ghost Cat at Mishima Family]
Parody of a traditional horror story, set in samurai era.
9. nuku-nuku funwari (M-12 + M-21) 3:28
[Warm and Soft]
10. Rainbow Sky (Yaumin) 4:56

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