Nukunuku DJ Special

CD No: Star Child SSX-70
Release date: x.x.1993
Price: Not For Sale
Total length: 67:07 (11 tracks)

This is a special CD given to those who bought all Sound Phase from 0I to 0V. It takes a form of a special edition of Nukunuku DJ special broadcasted in a radio program, Denno Nekketsu Denpa Club. All the songs are karaoke and, therefore, this CD will not interest average Nukunuku fan. But, if you love the cute way Nukunuku speaks, this is the one for you. Another interesting feature is the famous producer of King Record, Mr Ohtauki, makes appearance.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Opening 1:40
2. watashi ni Happy Birthday (karaoke) 4:08
[Happy Birthday To Me]
3. Nukunuku DJ Corner 1 6:32
4. Comet - Rendez-vous (karaoke) 4:11
5. Nukunuku DJ Corner 2 5:52
6. Rainbow Sky (karaoke) 5:01
7. Nukunuku DJ Corner 3 16:08
8. ganbatte! (karaoke) 4:06
9. Nukunuku DJ Corner 4 12:10
10. My Dear (karaoke) 3:43
11. Ending 3:31

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by nonchan