Character CD 2 "Nogizaka Mika"

CD No: Geneon Entertainment GNCA-0117
Release date: 29 Aug 2008
Price: Y1200
Total length: 14:17 (4 tracks)

This one is for the noisy young lady. ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. imouto... desu kedo! (Gotou Mai) 4:05
[I'm a Younger Sister!]
LYC: Kumano Kiyomi MSC: Miura Seiji ARG: Miura Seiji
2. hitosashiyubi Quiet! feat. Nogizaka Mika (Gotou Mai) 4:44
[The Forefinger Quiet!]
LYC: Kumano Kiyomi MSC: Watanabe Takeshi ARG:
3. imouto... desu kedo! (karaoke) 4:06
[I'm a Younger Sister!]
MSC: Miura Seiji ARG: Miura Seiji
4. Mika kara hitokoto! 1:22
[Brief Message from Mika!]

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