Tokubetsu Jugyou "Omatsuri Sawagi ni Ai ni Koi!" [Special Class "Festive Fuss with Love and Love!"]

CD No: Star Child KICA-20004
Release date: 28 Oct 2005
Price: Y2857
Total length: 41:57 (5 tracks)

A drama CD released after the anime.
The story is about Dai Mahora-sai, a *real* fan event of the anime held on 10 Dec 2005. All the girls and Negi passionately look forward to the occasion... with predictable troubles as usual. ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. ichi-jikan-me Homeroon kitaru! dai Mahora-sai 6:09
[First Class: Homeroom It's Coming! The Great Mahora Festival]
Negi announces that the date of the Festival has been fixed. All the girls have their very selfish opinion about what should be done in the event.
2. ni-jikan-me taiketsu!? Eva vs Chachamaru 5:02
[Second Class: Showdown!? Eva vs Chachamaru]
A funny verbal battle between the witch and the robot over their feeling for Negi that they won't admit ^_^;;
3. san-jikan-me otona no kaidan mouretsu Dash!? 10:56
[Third Class: Dash Violently over Stairs to Adulthood!?]
Konoka finds candies (or drug) which make people younger or older. Ignoring Setsuna's plea not to, she gives them to the Narutaki twins and Ayaka...
4. yo-jikan-me dame! i·ke·na·i tokubetsu jugyou! 10:25
[Fourth Class: Stop! A Wicked Special Class!]
The preparation goes through the night. Yue urges Nodoka to make the most of the rare occasion to approach Negi.
5. go-jikan-me kagai-jugyou wa Kiss no aji!? 9:05
[Fifth Class: The Extra Class Tastes of a Kiss!?]
On the day of the Festival, Asuna uses the opportunity to confess her love to Takahata and gets an unexpected reply ^_-

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