Shusseki-bangou no Uta

CD No: Star Child NKCD-3922
Release date: 1 May 2004
Price: Y1143
Total length: 10:17 (1 tracks)

This is literally "an introductory song" of the Class 2-A. Each of the 31 girls (yeah, all of them ^_^;;) appears in the order of the student list and gets about 12 seconds to introduce herself. As you get the key tune nearly thirty times, it sounds like a game BGM. It may not be an excellent "song" but is a great fun.

NHT rating: Rating

1. shusseki-bangou no uta (The 31 Girls) 10:17
[Song of the Student-List Number]
LYC: Yokoyama Takeshi MSC: Yonemitsu Ryou ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou

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