Yume Minna de!

CD No: Star Child SCRF-20
Release date: 11 Aug 2006
Price: Y762
Total length: 5:46 (2 tracks)

This is a maxi single of the main theme song and the ED song of the OVA series, "Negima!? Spring" by Negi and Asuna.

NHT rating: Rating

1. yume minna de! (Satou Rina & Kanda Akemi) 1:22
[Dream Together!]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Haneoka Kei ARG: Haneoka Kei
2. ohayou! (Kanda Akemi) 4:24
[Good Morning!]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Ookawa Shigenobu ARG: Ookawa Shigenobu

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