Happy Material (Final Episode Version)

CD No: Star Child KICM-3111
Release date: 3 Aug 2005
Price: Y700
Total length: 12:47 (6 tracks)

This is for the all-cast version of the OP and ED songs used in the last episode (Eps.26). The ED (Track 4) is followed by the piano tune used in the very last moment (or the epilogue) of the episode.
It's an excellent CD and I'm happy to recommend it to all the Negima fans ^_^ The first press comes with Mana's Pactio card, JFYI.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Magister Negi Magi 0:04
2. Happy Material (31-nin ver, TV size) (All the Students of II-A) 1:32
[Happy Material (31-Girls version, TV size)]
LYC: Uran MSC: Ookawa Shigenobu ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
3. Bonum Deim 0:04
4. kagayaku kimi e ~ Peace (All the Students of II-A) 7:04
[To Shining You ~ Peace]
LYC: Numadate Yuka MSC: Kuwabara Hideaki & Mitsumune Shinkichi ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi
5. Gratias Ago 0:06
6. kagayaku kimi e (karoake) 3:42
[To Shining You]
MSC: Kuwabara Hideaki ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi

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