Happy Material (January Version)

CD No: Star Child KICM-3093
Release date: 16 Feb 2005
Price: Y700
Total length: 15:34 (3 tracks)

The January version of the OP is by the girls of from No.1 to 6 of the student list. Sayo singing this cheerful song and Yue misplacing her "Go!" might be a charm of this version ^_- In Track 3, the six seiyuu talks about what makes them happy.
The first pressing comes with a Pactio card of Yue.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Happy Material (Shiratori Yuri, Kimura Madoka, Sasagawa Ayana, Kuwatani Natsuko, Yamakwa Kotomi & Yamamoto Azumi) 3:46
LYC: Uran MSC: Ookawa Shigenobu ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
2. Happy Material (karaoke) 3:46
MSC: Ookawa Shigenobu ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
3. shiawase no Recipe 8:00
[Recipe of Happiness]

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