4-gatsu: Kagurazaka Asuna [April]

CD No: Star Child KICM-3049
Release date: 21 Jan 2004
Price: Y1000
Total length: 19:12 (6 tracks)

The first of the character Maxi series is, of course, for Asuna. The image song is just as energetic as her character. The mini drama is about her before the beginning of the anime, that is, Negi's arrival.
The first press comes with her Pactio card but is now very hard to get.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Asuna's Voice 0:05
2. itsu datte Love & Dream (Kanda Akemi) 3:42
[Always Love & Dream]
LYC: Yokoyama Takeshi MSC: Ookubo Kaoru ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
3. itsu datte Love & Dream (remix ver.) (Kanda Akemi) 4:24
[Always Love & Dream]
LYC: MSC: Ookubo Kaoru ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
4. itsu datte Love & Dream (karaoke) 3:43
[Always Love & Dream]
MSC: Ookubo Kaoru ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
5. Kagurazaka Asuna Mini Drama "jibun de nantoka suru wayo!" 4:07
[Kagurazaka Asuna Mini Drama "I'll Sort It out by Myself"]
6. Cast Free Talk 3:09

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