Sound Stage 01 "Dai-2.5-wa 'Doki! Mizugi de Pool de Dai-Pinchi nano?'" [Episode 2.5 "Wow! In a Great Danger at the Pool in a Swimming Costume?"]

CD No: King Records KICA-666
Release date: 26 Nov 2004
Price: Y2500
Total length: 48:23 (16 tracks)

This is a drama CD and obviously the story takes between Eps.2 and 3 of the anime. All the boys and girls go to a swimming pool, opened recently near Nanoha's home. While they are having a great time, a Jewel Seed gets activated by a strong desire as usual. What is unusual, though, is that the "desire" is a rather distorted one of an indecent criminal (no wonder this episode failed to make an anime episode ^_^;;). So Nanoha tries to seal it to save her brother, sister and friends...
The story is well written; even the three image songs are performed as part of the drama. In the first two, Arisa and Suzuka are supposed to be singing at a karaoke stage at the pool-side while Track 15 corresponds Nanoha's dream in Track 14.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Nanoha, mahou no renshuuchuu 4:54
[Nanoha, Practicing Her Magic]
2. ohayou 1:14
[Good Morning]
3. nakayoshi Trio, genki ni gekou 1:49
[The Friendly Trio, on Their Way back from School]
4. Miyuki to Yuno 1:33
[Miyuki and Yuno]
5. zen'in shuugou, Pool-side 3:19
[Everyone Has Gathered at the Pool-side]
6. Precious Time (Kugimiya Rie) 4:21
LYC: A-ko MSC: Sano Hiroaki ARG: Yasui Ayumu
7. oyogi masu ka! 5:26
[Let's Swim!]
8. kitto Stand by You (Shimizu Ai) 4:35
[Surely Stand by You]
LYC: Usui Akira MSC: Sano Hiroaki ARG: Sano Hiroaki
9. kiken no yokan ~ Jewel Seed hatsudou! 4:35
[Premonition of Danger ~ Jewel Seed Activated!]
10. VS suijuu 4:35
[VS Water Monster]
11. Nanoha, aratanaru mahou! 3:02
[Nanoha, A New Magic!]
12. Yuno, hitorigoto 1:36
[Yuno, Talking to Himself]
13. minna genki desu 1:46
[Everyone is Well and Fine]
14. sore no yume 3:47
[Dream of the Sky]
15. Flying High! (Tamura Yukari) 4:24
LYC: Tsuzuki Maki MSC: Sano Hiroaki ARG: Yasui Ayumu
16. jikai yokoku 0:35
[Preview of the Next Episode]

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