Eternal Blaze

CD No: King Records KICM-1148
Release date: 19 Oct 2005
Price: Y1143
Total length: 13:17 (3 tracks)

This is the OP song for the second season. As in the first, Nana sings the upbeat OP song while Yukari takes the gentle/catchy ED song.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Eternal Blaze (Mizuki Nana) 5:08
LYC: Mizuki Nana MSC: Uematsu Noriyasu ARG: Uematsu Noriyasu
2. Rush & Dash! (Mizuki Nana) 3:26
LYC: Bee' MSC: Fujima Hitoshi ARG: Fujima Hitoshi
3. Inside Mind (Mizuki Nana) 4:42
LYC: Sonoda Ryouji & I.N MSC: Miyabi Tomoya ARG: Miyabi Tomoya

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