Phantom Minds

CD No: King Records KICM-1299
Release date: 13 Jan 2010
Price: Y1238
Total length: 17:08 (4 tracks)

Here are the theme song and insert song of the first movie. Although the former was used for the ending credits, the name of "the ending theme song" were officially given to "My Wish My Love". The latter is kind of an image song for Fate.
The other two are an image song of her radio show and the theme song of the game "Shining Force CROSS."

NHT rating: Rating

1. Phantom Minds (Mizuki Nana) 3:43
LYC: Mizuki Nana MSC: Yoshimoto Eriko ARG: Suyama Jun
2. Don't Be Long (Mizuki Nana) 4:40
LYC: Yabuki Toshirou MSC: Yabuki Toshirou ARG: Yabuki Toshirou
3. Song Communication (Mizuki Nana) 4:31
LYC: Yuumao MSC: Fujima Hitoshi ARG: Fujima Hitoshi
4. juujika no Spread (Mizuki Nana) 4:14
[Spread of a Cross]
LYC: Shikura Chiyomaru MSC: Shikura Chiyomaru ARG: Kikuta Daisuke

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