Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~

CD No: Konami Media Entertainment KICM-40
Release date: 21 Oct 2004
Price: Y1238
Total length: 13:38 (3 tracks)

The cute and pop OP song is Tamura Yukari. I have to say she is really good at this type of songs ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ (Tamura Yukari) 4:05
LYC: Shiina Karen MSC: Oota Masatomo ARG: Oota Masatomo
2. eien (Tamura Yukari) 5:04
LYC: Oota Masatomo MSC: Oota Masatomo ARG: Oota Masatomo
3. Sweet Darlin' (Tamura Yukari) 4:28
LYC: Kotowa Kanade MSC: Komatsu Kazuya ARG: Komatsu Kazuya

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by nonchan