The Movie Special Edition

CD No: Star Child KICA-488~9
Release date: 1 Jan 2000
Price: Y3600
Total length: Disc 1 49:03 (6 tracks)
Disc 2 49:50 (5 tracks)

This is the actual "Soundtrack" of the movie. Although two new short episodes (set some time *after* the movie) are included, they don't reveal anything particularly new. So for an average fan, I don't recommend it. Having said that, it comes with the continuity book of the movie, which may justify the price for a keen fan. BTW, this is a limited edition; if you do want to get it, get it when you can.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

Disc 1
1. Rose Bud (Matsuzawa Yumi) 4:28
2. Prologue 5:59
3. Divertimento (Cut 1-60) 4:08
4. Hisago Plan (Cut 61-170) 9:13
5. Black Sarena (Cut 171-353) 11:58
6. natsu no hirusagari (Cut 354-500) 13:16
[An Early Afternoon in Summer]
Disc 2
1. "kasei no koukeisha" (Cut 501-611) 7:08
[The Successor of Mars]
2. Hokushin shichinin-shuu (Cut 612-730) 7:29
[The Hokushin Seven]
3. "denshi no yousei" (Cut 731-934) 13:21
["The Electron Fairy"]
4. "ano hito wa, taisetsu na hito dakara!" (Cut 935-1054) 12:31
[Because He is an Important Person!]
5. Epilogue 9:18

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