Character Song Vol.1 "Tokiha Mai"

CD No: Lantis LACM-4141
Release date: 4 Aug 2004
Price: Y1143
Total length: 14:57 (3 tracks)

The first of the character song CDs is for the heroine, Mai.
Track 2 is essentially a monologue; a letter from Mai to her friend at her former school, thanking for her birthday present. She explains how she is getting on with the new environment.

NHT rating: Rating

1. itoshisa no kousaten (Nakahara Mai) 4:46
[Crossing of Dearness]
LYC: rino MSC: rino ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
2. Sound Cinema "natsu no hajime no okurimono" 5:30
[Sound Cinema "Gift at the Beginning of Summer"]
3. itoshisa no kousaten (karaoke) 4:40
[Crossing of Dearness]
MSC: rino ARG: Ookubo Kaoru

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