Cherry Blossom

CD No: Shuueisha SCD-901160
Release date: 14 Dec 2007
Price: Y3800
Total length: Disc 1 58:32 (4 tracks)
Disc 2 67:50 (5 tracks)

This drama CD is for the seventh novel, "Cherry Blossom." The first disc corresponds the first half of the novel and shows how Noriko met Shimako from Noriko's viewpoint. The second disc is about the same story viewed from Yumi. So the first one is much more dramatic (the story is chronologically re-organised in the anime; Eps 7 & 8 of "Spring").
JFYI, the ISBN of this CD is 978-4-08-901160-7.

NHT rating: Rating

Disc 1
Ichou no Naka no Sakura [Cherry Tree in Ginkos]
1. sakura chiru 12:29
[Cherry Blossoms Fall]
This phrase used to be used in telegrams to inform that one had failed in an entrance exam. Here it implies that Noriko came to Lilian because she couldn't go to the high school she wanted to.
2. Maria to miroku 16:25
[Maria and Maitreya]
'miroku' is one of Buddhist Gods and here it refers to a statue that Shimako's family has, which Noriko goes to see.
3. rozario ka juzu 13:46
[Rosary or Buddhist Rosary]
4. Maria-sai no shuukyou saiban 15:52
[Inquisition at the Maria Festival]
Disc 2
BGN [Background Noise]
1. sakura ga chire ba 12:59
[When Cherry Blossoms Fall]
2. 8 - 3 = 5 16:54
3. ki ni naru ichinensei 10:45
[A Fresher of Concern]
4. ura · Maria-sai no shuukyou saiban 15:21
[Inquisition at the Maria Festival - Backstage]
5. Special Talk 11:52

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