DJ CD Vol.2

CD No: Frontier Works FCCM-0152
Release date: 25 Oct 2006
Price: Y2800
Total length: 76:03 (17 tracks)

The second of a web-radio collection.
I have to say it's not as good as the first one but it's still enjoyable. The first pressing comes with another Magical Girl Shimako card and a different card with Yumi, Shimako and Yoshino.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Opening 1:28
2. Guest Talk - Noto Mamiko 5:33
3. Radio Drama "atarumo hakke" 8:13
[Radio Drama "It's up to Your Luck"]
4. oshiete, oneesama ~Toyoguchi Megumi~ 2:28
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Toyoguchi Megumi~]
5. Guest Talk - Itou Shizuka 5:29
6. Radio Drama "neko no na wa" 5:59
[Radio Drama "What's the Cat's Name?"]
7. oshiete, oneesama ~Nabatame Hitomi~ 3:19
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Nabatame Hitomi~]
8. Guest Talk - Toyoguchi Megumi 4:32
9. Radio Drama "Rei, kuma-ningen ni naru" 11:31
[Radio Drama "Rei Becomes a Bear-Woman"]
10. oshiete, oneesama ~Noto Mamiko~ 3:18
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Noto Mamiko~]
11. Guest Talk - Nabatame Hitomi 4:05
12. Radio Drama "zoku · mahou shoujo Shimako" 7:00
[Radio Drama "Magical Girl Shimako The Sequel"]
13. "mahou shoujo Shimako uso CM" 0:55
[A Joke CM of Magical Girl Shimako]
14. oshiete, oneesama ~Shimizu Kaori~ 3:04
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Shimizu Kaori~]
15. Guest Talk - Kugimiya Rie 4:06
16. oshiete, oneesama ~Kugimiya Rie~ 4:06
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Kugimiya Rie~]
17. Ending 1:07

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