DJ CD Vol.1

CD No: Frontier Works FCCM-0151
Release date: 4 Aug 2006
Price: Y2800
Total length: 78:26 (15 tracks)

This is essentially an assorted collection of the web radio program hosted by Ueda Kana on the official site with a few new things.
The guest talks with and questions to the seiyuu's are very enjoyable and informative, at least to me. The drama tracks are pure jokes as you can obviously guess from their titles. ^_^;;
The first pressing comes with a trading card of Magical Girl Shimako. ^_^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. Opening 1:23
2. Guest Talk - Shimizu Kaori 6:21
3. Radio Drama "Ogasawara-ke no hen" 8:52
[Radio Drama "Revolt at the Ogasawaras"]
4. oshiete, oneesama ~Itou Miki~ 7:08
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Itou Miki~]
5. Guest Talk - Satou Rina 6:23
6. Radio Drama "Lilian-sentai Rosa Chinensis" 6:23
[Radio Drama "Lilian Battle Force Rosa Chinensis"]
7. oshiete, oneesama ~Shinohara Emi~ 4:14
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Shinohara Emi~]
8. Guest Talk - Itou Miki 5:22
9. Radio Drama "mahou shoujo Shimako" 4:34
[Radio Drama "Magical Girl Shimako"]
10. oshiete, oneesama ~Ikezawa Haruna~ 6:38
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Ikezawa Haruna~]
11. Guest Talk - Shinohara Emi 3:51
12. Radio Drama "kokoro, tsunaide" 9:19
[Radio Drama "Joining Our Hearts"]
13. oshiete, oneesama ~Itou Shizuka~ 3:18
[Please Tell Me, My Sister ~Itou Shizuka~]
14. Guest Talk - Ikezawa Haruna 3:32
15. Ending 0:52

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