CD No: Universal J UPCH-5325
Release date: 27 Jul 2005
Price: Y1000
Total length: 16:43 (4 tracks)

The ED song for the second season. Unlike the first ED, this one depicts the touching side of this comedy anime.

NHT rating: Rating

1. arigatou~ (BON'Z) 3:45
[Thank You!]
LYC: BON'Z MSC: Ikki ARG: ha-j
2. Days (BON'Z) 4:38
LYC: Jin MSC: Jin ARG: Miyake Shuuichi
3. arigatou~ (karaoke) 3:45
[Thank You!]
MSC: Ikki ARG: ha-j
4. Days (karaoke) 4:34
MSC: Jin ARG: Miyake Shuuichi

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by nonchan