CD No: Victor VICL-296
Release date: 21 May 1992
Price: Y3000
Total length: 38:08 (16 tracks)

The soundtrack CD for Mama4. It contains most of the BGMs as well as the full-length version of the OP and ED songs. Many tunes are, not surprisingly, very gentle and peaceful. If you like the anime, this CD is an excellent buy.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. mirai kara no Prologue 1:16
[Prologue From The Future]
2. aio Plus One (Masuda Hiromi) 3:07
[Add Love One More]
3. yuujou 2:57
4. isoide!! 1:55
[Hurry Up!!]
5. tomadoi 2:08
6. sawayakana kaze 2:17
[Refreshing Wind]
7. fushigi na Route 1:37
[Mysterious Route]
8. kono ai o mirai e 2:23
[This Love To The Future]
9. yume no Door 2:23
[Dream Door]
10. ai o Plus One 3:02
[Add Love One More]
11. Mirai no teema 2:21
[Theme Of Mirai]
12. fureai 2:20
[Close Relationship]
13. Natsumi no teema 3:02
[Theme Of Natsumi]
14. hon'nori Love 2:39
[Slight Love]
15. kono ai o mirai e (Masuda Hiromi) 3:08
[This Love To The Future]
16. mirai e no Epilogue 1:26
[Epilogue To The Future]

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