CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-479
Release date: 21 Nov 1993
Price: Y3000
Total length: 73:57 (16 tracks)

A drama album released after the TV series. Natsumi comes back from London to Yumegaoka for the Star Festival, with her new friend, Hiroshi. Then Mirai, now ten-years-old girl, appears, thanks to an improved time machine. Mirai does not like the close relationship between her mother and Hiroshi and tries to persuade Daisuke to do something... It is a really nice drama with a well-written script.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. ai o purasu wan (Masuda Hiromi) 1:39
[Add Love One More]
2. After "kikoku" 10:30
[After "Coming Back To Japan"]
3. After "saikai" 7:24
[After "Seeing Again"]
4. After "Mirai to Mirai-chan" 7:48
[After "Mirai And Mirai-chan"]
5. After "Mirai no papa wa?" 7:13
[After "Who Is Mirai's Papa?"]
6. After "kokuhaku" 12:03
[After "Confession"]
7. After "hoshimatsuri no yoru" 13:51
[After "The Night Of The Star Festival"]
8. kono ai o mirai e (Masuda Hiromi) 1:34
[This Love To The Future]
9. tensai! Eji-san 1:52
[Genius! Eji-san]
10. koi wa toraburu 1:02
[Love Is A Trouble]
11. kiken'na yokan 1:04
[Dangerous Presentiment]
12. Mirai-chan no shippo 1:12
[Mirai-chan's Tail]
13. kon'ya wa sawagou 1:27
[Let's Go Wild For Tonight]
14. Do-Ki-Do-Ki 1:54
[Heart Thumping]
15. Time Machine 1:42
16. Yumegaoka No kibou 1:35
[Hope Of Yumegaoka]

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