Maico 2010
Maico 2010

CD Single Maico wa Odoru
Soundtrack Maico-jirushi no Senkyokuya-san [Maico Brand Music Selector]
Soundtrack Yukie-chan to Yukaina Nakamatachi [Yukie-chan and Her Jolly Friends]

Main Cast of The Series:

Maico Tange Sakura
Matsuo Densuke Okiayu Ryuutarou
Otari Masudamasu Yoshiko Ogata Megumi
Mattsan Furusawa Touru
Izumi Takamori Nao
Suga-chan Narita Ken

Main Staff of The Series:

Original Story Shimizu Toshimitsu
Director Masunari Kouji
Character Design Ishikura Keiichi
Art Director Nakamura Mitsuyoshi
Colour Coordinator Itoun Junko
Sound Director Kikuda Hiromi
Director of Photography Kawada Toshihiro
Music Funayama Motoki
Animation Production Group Tac & Animal-ya

About the show

A TV series as a part of WOWOW Anime Complex, based on a manga with the same title by Shimizu Toshimitsu (the author of 801TTS).

The original manga (in Young King) is an adult orientated comedy but, upon TV-sation, they made it very politically correct and removed most of H-factors, which in turn emphasised the cuteness of the heroine, Maico. There was also a radio series prior to the TV version.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the radio industry is struggling very hard to survive for share of ever diminishing pie, due to the expansion of multimedia. Among them, Nippon Housou (which really exists ^_^) decides to use an android as a presenter of a dial-in talk show as a final weapon. The story evolves around Maico, who are designed to understand human feelings, to grow up in the team of rather problematic staff. The "2010" stands for both the year 2010 and 8:10pm at which her program begins.

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