Special 2

CD No: Futureland TYDY-2072
Release date: 12 Jun 1996
Price: Y971
Total length: 17:43 (3 tracks)

An image CD single for Nanaka is from the days when Mayumi's voice was relatively straight ^_^;; The image song is pretty upbeat and match Nanaka's personality, IMO. The more discerned would notice Okui Masami's voice in the background chorus ^_^
The drama track (Track 2) is about her relation with Sae, told in the form of her dream.

NHT rating: Rating

1. One Way True Love (Iizuka Mayumi) 4:32
LYC: Matsuba Miho MSC: Yabuki Toshirou ARG: Yabuki Toshirou
2. Radio DJ-hen ~ Nakatomi Nanaka no maki 8:39
[Story of "Radio DJ" ~ Volume of Nakatomi Nanaka]
3. One Way True Love (karaoke) 4:31
MSC: Yabuki Toshirou ARG: Yabuki Toshirou

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