Character Single Vol.1 "Miyama Yuuna"

CD No: Scitron SCDC-00344
Release date: 21 Apr 2004
Price: Y1800
Total length: 21:28 (5 tracks)

The first of the character single series features Yuuna and contains her image song, a drama of her and Kazuki and a message from the seiyuu. All of them seem to be of average quality. The image song is very acoustic and Hitomi sings in her ordinary voice rather than the high one for Yuuna.

NHT rating: Rating

1. kimi no soba ni (Nabatame Hitomi) 4:25
[Next to You]
LYC: Naho MSC: Taja ARG: Taja
2. Drama "Yuuna to Kazuki no Honeymoon Days" 8:45
[Drama "The Honeymoon Days of Yuuna and Kazuki"]
3. Jealousy -Theme of Yuuna 3 1:41
MSC: 4 Peace ARG: 4 Peace
4. Message from Nabatame Hitomi 2:11
5. kimi no soba ni (karaoke) 4:23
[Next to You]
MSC: Taja ARG: Taja

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by nonchan