Twin Dragon Special Drama CD

CD No: Scitron SDEX-0007
Release date: 21 Apr 2004
Price: Y1900
Total length: 20:52 (4 tracks)

This is a special drama CD sold through two magazines, "Dragon Magazine" and "Dragon Age", which carry the novel and the manga of the series, respectively. The key feature of the CD must be the ED song by the three girls. They are not as a good singer as Ichiko, of course, but sound cute ^_^
The other three tracks are short stories of each girl with Kazuki. But, as Kazuki's voice isn't included, they are more like monologues. Therefore, those for Kuriko and Rin, who rarely show their real feelings, are more interesting.

NHT rating: Rating

1. We'd Get There Someday ~ 3-nin musime version (Nabatame Hitomo, Matsuoka Yuki & Inokuchi Yuka) 4:37
[We'd Get There Someday ~ The Three Girls' version]
2. Original Drama Yuuna-hen "matase chatta..." 4:58
[Original Drama Yuuna Version "I Kept Him Waiting for Me..."]
3. Original Drama Kuriko-hen "wasure chatta..." 5:25
[Original Drama Kuriko Version "I Had Forgotten..."]
4. Original Drama Rin-hen "tetsudawase chatta..." 5:50
[Original Drama Rin Version "I Had Him Help Me..."]

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