Artbooks of Maburaho

Super Guide Choukai! Maburaho
Date: 30 Sep 2003 (nominal)
Publisher: Fujimi Shobou
ISBN: 4-8291-7555-9
Price: Y980
Formant: A5, 160 pages (none in colour)
Maburaho Special Maburaho Special
Date: 1 Mar 2005
Publisher: Impress Communications
ISBN: 4-8443-5793-X
Price: Y2300
Formant: A4, 96 pages (80 pages in colour)
This is an artbook of the anime series. So no artwork by Komatsu is include here. Yet with more than 100 colour illustrations, it's an excellent artbook, IMHO.
Ai no Tane Ai no Tane
Price: Y
Formant: , pages (in colour)

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