2. Original Soundtrack

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1175
Release date: 25 Nov 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 53:41 (25 tracks)

The soundtrack of St Luminous. Appropriate for a mystery series, most of the BGMs are of suppressed emotion, which make the hopeful mood of the ED songs stand out. I love the ED song and its piano version (Track 23). BTW, the numbering scheme of the BGMs seems inconsistent and I suspect "Ver(sion)" should be "Var(iation)".

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Luminous "shoushitsu to nazo no teema" Ver.1 2:43
[Luminous "Theme of Vanishing and Enigma" Ver.1]
2. gakuin no joukei 3 -Sister Akane- 1:03
[School Scene 3 -Sister Akane-]
3. gakuin no joukei 5 -Noriko- 0:51
[School Scene 5 -Noriko-]
4. Luminous "shinpi no teema" 3:49
[Luminous "Theme of Mystery"]
5. gakuin no joukei 4 -Tomoe- 1:33
[School Scene 4 -Tomoe-]
6. Luminous "konwaku to tankyuu no teema" Ver.1 1:00
[Luminous "Theme of Perplexity and Investigation" Ver.1]
7. Luminous "shoushitsu to nazo no teema" Ver.2 1:27
[Luminous "Theme of Vanishing and Enigma" Ver.2]
8. gakuinchou 1:32
[Master of the School]
9. gakuin no joukei 1 -kattou no gakusha- 2:43
[School Scene 1 -The School of Struggle-]
10. Shanon & Yukine 2:01
11. Lost Child 2:44
12. Luminous "shinpi no teema" Ver.1 1:57
[Luminous "Theme of Mystery" Ver.1]
13. Luminous "shoushitsu to nazo no teema" Ver.3 0:51
[Luminous "Theme of Vanishing and Enigma" Ver.3]
14. gakuin no joukei 2 -asa no gakusha- 1:39
[School Scene 2 -The School in the Morning-]
15. Luminous "ai no teema" Ver.1 2:23
[Luminous "Theme of Love" Ver.1]
16. Luminous "konwaku to tankyuu no teema" 2:37
[Luminous "Theme of Perplexity and Investigation"]
17. gakuin no joukei 1 -fushin no gakusha- 0:57
[School Scene 1 -The School in Distrust-]
18. Luminous "shinpi no teema" Ver.2 1:20
[Luminous "Theme of Mystery" Ver.2]
19. Luminous "shoushitsu to nazo no teema" Ver.4 0:49
[Luminous "Theme of Vanishing and Enigma" Ver.4]
20. gakuin no joukei 3 -hiru-yasumi no gakusha- 1:16
[School Scene 3 -The School at Lunch Break-]
21. gakuin no joukei 5 -odayakana hizashi no gakusha- 1:07
[School Scene 5 -The School under Warm Sunshine-]
22. Luminous "ai no teema" 5:13
[Luminous "Theme of Love"]
23. Labyrinth (instrumental)
24. Luminous "shoushitsu to nazo no teema" 5:14
[Luminous "Theme of Vanishing and Enigma"]
25. Labyrinth (ALI Project) 4:31

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