School Days

CD No: Pionner LDC PICA-1174
Release date: 9 Oct 1998
Price: Y4571
Total length: Disc 1 63:12 (8 tracks)
Disc 2 61:37 (7 tracks)

This is a series of radio drama made prior to the TV series. The drama is set before the arrival of Kaihei and develops around conversation between Noriko and Ryouko. Nosy Noriko gets involved in various troubles along with poor Ryouko. Each episode describes the daily life at Luminous and introduces one of the main characters for the anime (eg. Eps 1 introduces Satou Asako).
Although the drama isn't needed to enjoy the anime, the later episodes explain the deterioration of the mood in the school after the death of the former Chairman. For exapmle the last episode shows how and why Asako gets to know Merina and ends in her disappearance in the shower room, which is the opening scene of the TV series. Also the additional track made for this CD is essentially the first episode of the anime, viewed from a slightly different angle.
The scripts are very well written and the chat between the two girls is very enjoyable. Ryouko is played by Niiyama Shiho (she was replaced by Doudou Asako in the anime because of illness) and gives a pretty different impression. Ryouko here is more lively and talkative. BTW, Ryouko fans must listen to Episode 6.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

Disc 1
1. Triangle (Asakura Yukari, Tamura Hiromi & Suzuki Nao) 4:00
2. dai-1-ya "koi no nayami wa totsuzen ni..." 8:24
[1st Night "Anguish of Love Visits You Suddenly"]
3. dai-2-ya "dore ga watashi no ikiru michi?" 7:39
[2nd Night "Which is the Way for Me?"]
4. dai-3-ya "chikan, shutsugen!" 8:31
[3rd Night "A Molester Has Appeared!"]
5. dai-4-ya "mezawarina hito" 8:03
[4th Night ""]
6. dai-5-ya "sugao no mama de" 8:34
[5th Night "Just As You Are"]
7. dai-6-ya "sorezore no jijou" 8:57
[6th Night "Reason for Each"]
8. dai-7-ya "Luminous no suitai" 9:01
[7th Night "Decline of Luminous"]
Disc 2
1. dai-8-ya "min'na genki ni!" 8:28
[8th Night "Cheer up, Everyone!"]
2. dai-9-ya "simple na kakurega" 8:32
[9th Night "A Simple Hide-out"]
3. dai-10-ya "watashi, UFO to souguu shimashita" 8:35
[10th Night "I Encountered an UFO"]
4. dai-11-ya "tamashii no SOS" 8:41
[11th Night "SOS of Soul"]
5. dai-12-ya "kieta shoujo" 8:11
[12th Night "A Girl Vanished"]
6. CD drama "nantonaku... rijichou" 16:45
[CD drama "Chairman... for No Reason"]
7. Hot Milk Tea (Asakura Yukari) 2:21

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