Comics Image Album

CD No: Star Child KICA-492
Release date: 28 Jan 2000
Price: Y2913
Total length: 57:42 (32 tracks)

An image album released before the TV anime. Although the CD is titled as "Comics Image Album", it is a promotion of the anime and all the cast, including Haruka, are the same.
Each of the five girls has one image song, followed by a drama track set in their room. The drama parts describe how the girls react to the news that Love Hina will become a TV anime. For example, Naru gets heavily drunk in the bath because she, under 20, won't be allowed to drink any on TV while Motoko tries to stop the plan, fearing the anime would encourages H illustrations of her to be sold at Comicket ^_^;;;
As for the image songs, they are generally fine. My favourites are those for Motoko and Naru although Horie doesn't sound like Naru when she sings. Tracks 15 to 32 are a collection of messages by Naru, Shinobu and Motoko. Motoko's ones are hilarious (yeah, I'm a big fan of Motoko ^_^).

NHT rating: Rating

1. roten-buro de mufufu 5:19
[Hehehe in the Outdoor Bath]
2. rouka de Melody? 0:31
[Melody over the Corridor]
3. La Moon na kibun de (Noda Junko) 3:53
[Feeling like La Moon]
LYC: Kudou Tetsuo MSC: Matomo ARG: Koayashi Shingo
4. ecchina furistsuke renshuu (Kitsune no heya) 2:44
[Practicing Sexy Dance Composition (Kitsune's Room)]
5. Smile for You (Kurata Masayo) 5:45
LYC: Negishi Youko MSC: Miyashima Ritsuko ARG: Iwamoto Masaki
6. jinkou kochuu (Shinobu no Heya) 4:28
[Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation (Shinobu's Room)]
The proper word for "artificial respiration" is 'jinkou kokyuu' but here it is modified as a pun with 'chuu (kiss)'.
7. tsuki no gotoku (Asakawa Yuu) 4:05
[Like the Moon]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Uesugi Hiroshi ARG: Goshima Shou
8. deruka, Hiken Zankuusen! (Motoko no Heya) 2:39
[Finally out!? The Secret Slash, Space-Slash Sword!]
As in Ranma, this kind of words are very difficult (practically impossible, to be honest) to translate. 'hiken zankuuken' means the technique of swordsmanship that cut space itself rather than objects.
9. Heat Up Up Girl (Takagi Reiko) 4:24
LYC: Kuwa Kanon MSC: Sugai Eri ARG: Korenaga Kouichi
10. Kame-nabe umai? (Kaolla no Heya) 1:59
[Is the Tortoise Bowl Delicious?]
11. tadoritsuitara roten-buro 1:22
[Here we are... in the Outdoor Bath]
12. egao no mirai e (Horie Yui) 4:52
[To the Future with a Smile]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Furuike Takahiro ARG: Iwamoto Masaki
13. roten-buro de Happy End? 3:46
[Happy End at the Outdoor Bath?]
14. Love Hina Chu 0:09
[Love Hina - Kiss!]
15. Narusegawa Naru 0:41
16. ohayou 0:30
[Good Morning]
17. itterasshai 0:24
[Have a Nice Day]
18. rusuden 0:31
[Message for Answering Machines]
19. okaerinasai 0:34
[Welcome Home]
20. oyasumi 1:09
[Good Night]
21. Maehara Shinobu 0:20
22. ohayou 0:45
[Good Morning]
23. itterasshai 0:48
[Have a Nice Day]
24. rusuden 0:50
[Message for Answering Machines]
25. okaerinasai 0:53
[Welcome Home]
26. oyasumi 0:45
[Good Night]
27. Aoyama Motoko 0:25
28. ohayou 0:37
[Good Morning]
29. itterasshai 0:33
[Have a Nice Day]
30. rusuden 0:40
[Message for Answering Machines]
31. okaerinasai 0:21
[Welcome Home]
32. oyasumi 0:58
[Good Night]

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