Character Image Maxi-Single "I Love Hina"

CD No: Star Child KICA-504
Release date: 26 Apr 2000
Price: Y1143
Total length: 30:02 (8 tracks)

A maxi-single, containing image songs and drama tracks for Naru and Shinobu. I like Naru's song very much, which somehow reminded me of YUA songs. The two drama tracks are titles as "out of season" because these two major events for love comedies are not available for the anime (broadcasted from April to September) ^o^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. mainichi ga otenki (Horie Yui) 3:44
[It's Fine Everyday]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Sakurai Shin'ichi ARG: T. J.
2. kisetsu-hazure no Naru (Christmas) 6:19
[Naru out of Season]
3. osoroi no Silver Ring (Kurata Masayo) 4:12
[The Same Silver Rings for Two]
LYC: Matsuura Yuki MSC: Matsuura Yuki ARG: Matsuura Yuki
4. kisetsu-hazure no Shinobu (Valentine) 6:55
[Shinobu out of Season]
5. mainichi ga otenki (karaoke) 3:44
[It's Fine Everyday]
MSC: Sakurai Shin'ichi ARG: T. J.
6. osoroi no Silver Ring (karaoke) 4:11
[The Same Silver Ring of Two]
MSC: Matsuura Yuki ARG: Matsuura Yuki
7. Naru 0:33
8. Shinobu 0:22

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by nonchan