Special Selection

CD No: Star Child KICA-2118
Release date: 9 Jan 1993
Price: Y2200
Total length: 61:33 (19 tracks)

This is a compilation CD for an old OVA and include music from the original soundtrack and "image soundtrack", which was produced for the planned but never realised Leda II. It seems all the tracks from the former and part of the latter are included. One thing is certain; Akimoto Rio didn't improve too much between the two albums ^_^;; But I really like the ED song.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Seventeen Love 3:00
2. Zeru no sasoi 3:15
[Invitation by Zell]
3. yukue fumei no haato-tachi (Akimoto Rio) 4:43
[Hearts that Are Gone Missing]
4. Escape, Youko 2:42
5. koi-senshi tanjou 2:21
[Birth of a Love Soldier]
6. Leda Power, Attack!! 3:09
7. ashantii no densetsu 3:23
[Legend of Ashanty]
8. hitoribocchi no dreamer (Akimoto Rio) 4:29
[Lonely Dreamer]
9. kami no tsubasa 2:52
[Leda's Wings]
10. noa o mezashite 1:53
[Towards Noah]
11. houkai, fuyuujou garuba 1:39
[Collapse, Galva the Floating Castle]
12. kaze to buuke no serenaade (Akimoto Rio) 3:45
[Serenade of the Wind and Bouquet]
13. kanshou ryokou 2:06
[Sentimental Journey]
14. yume no meiro (Akimoto Rio) 3:51
[Labyrinth of Dream]
15. hoshizora no fantasy (Akimoto Rio) 4:00
[Starry Sky Fantasy]
16. mirai ni naritai (Akimoto Rio) 4:04
[I Want to Be the Future]
17. sayonara - arigatou 2:29
[Good-bye - Thank You]
18. fantasia ga kikoeru (Akimoto Rio) 4:08
[I Can Hear Fantasia]
19. kaze to buuke no serenaade (Instrumental) 3:00
[Serenade of the Wind and Bouquet]

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