CD No: Bandai Visual LALA-1
Release date: Dec 1999
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 27:51 (15 tracks)

This is a special CD given to those who bought all the VHS/LDs of the series. I am not sure if it falls in the "Fancy Lala" category (the cover is an illustration of Lala and Miho). It takes a style of a radio show in which Lala is the DJ but all the four songs are by Oota Takako (the singer/seiyuu of Creamy Mami). I like this CD but fans of Oomori Reiko might be disappointed with it.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Fancy Lala no rajio-bangumi 1 1:16
[Radio Program by Fancy Lala 1]
2. zutto kitto motto (Oota Takako) 4:59
[Forever, Surely, and More]
LYC: Satou Arisu MSC: Tsukasa ARG: Tsukasa
3. Fancy Lala no rajio-bangumi 2 1:01
[Radio Program by Fancy Lala 2]
4. Escape (Oota Takako) 4:13
LYC: Yuzuki Miyu MSC: Iehara Masatsugu ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa
5. Fancy Lala no rajio-bangumi 3 1:27
[Radio Program by Fancy Lala 3]
6. kaze no Invitation (Oota Takako) 4:12
[Invitation of Wind]
LYC: Yuzuki Miyu MSC: Kikuchi Yoshinaga ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa
7. Fancy Lala no rajio-bangumi 4 1:31
[Radio Program by Fancy Lala 4]
8. Chapter True Love (Oota Takako) 5:18
LYC: Satou Arisu MSC: Tsukasa ARG: Sekine Anri
9. Fancy Lala no rajio-bangumi 5 1:38
[Radio Program by Fancy Lala 5]
10. Shinohara Miho no "rusuban-denwa message 1 (genki version)" 0:19
[Shinohara Miho's "Message for Answering Machines (Cheerful version)]
11. Shinohara Miho no "rusuban-denwa message 2 (oshitoyaka version)" 0:21
[Shinohara Miho's "Message for Answering Machines (Ladylike version)]
12. Shinohara Miho no "asa no mezamashi Call 1 (genki version)" 0:25
[Shinohara Miho's "Morning Wake-up Call 1 (Cheerful version)"]
13. Shinohara Miho no "asa no mezamashi Call 2 (oshitoyaka version)" 0:24
[Shinohara Miho's "Morning Wake-up Call 2 (Ladylike version)"]
14. Fancy Lala no "rusuban-denwa message" 0:22
[Fancy Lala's "Message for Answering Machines"]
15. Fancy Lala no "asa no mezamashi Call" 0:18
[Fancy Lala's "Morning Wake-up Call"]

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